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Roof Cleaning

ROOF CLEANING IN Clarksville Tennessee

Roof cleaning in Clarksvillle Tennessee is an important service to extend the durability of your roof as well as to complete the aesthetic look of the building. Roofs are prone to being dirtied with soot, algae, mold etc and it’s important to get them regularly cleaned. It’s particularly irksome when your home is afflicted with green moss and black streaks on your roof. Homeowners often spend a hefty amount to get rid of these unsightly stains or may resort to have their roof replaced. A solution to these problems is soft wash or low pressure cleaning and treatment with algaecide to get rid of algae that destroys the look and durability of your roof. It is highly important to maintain your roof and get periodic cleanings otherwise your roof may become damaged beyond repair and you’ll end up having to spend a ton of money on replacing your roof.

Soft washing, quite simply put is a roof cleaning process in which roofs are cleaned at low pressure through the use of chemicals. Soft washing or low pressure cleaning is an effective alternative to the usual high pressure blowing and blasting cleaning methods and doesn’t cause any of the damage that high pressure washing can. High pressure roof cleaning can cause a lot of damage and create liabilities. Also, it can cause roof warranties to be void. It is certainly not a method that should be used for regular maintenance. Soft washing on the other hand, is a safe and gentle procedure and is a solution which has a very high kill ratio when it comes to microbes. Soft washing incorporates the use of chemicals which specifically target the molds, fungi, mildew and algae but are also safe to use on shingle roofs. There are some soft washing systems which not only target organic stains like those caused by microbes but also non-organic stains which occur as a result of pollution and the environment. Because soft washing relies on chemicals to eradicate the problem instead of simply scraping and blasting away, the roofs remain clean for a longer period of time as the growth of microbes itself is inhibited to a great extent.

Furthermore, there are also special chemicals designed to combat oxidation because of sun exposure and also remove or prevent metal corrosion. This oxidation, particularly on white aluminum roofs can lead to appearance of ugly stripes that just ruin the appearance of the whole house. Soft washing targets these stripes and also works to improve the quality and strength of your roof when facing off against the elements. The aim of soft washing is to increase the durability and cleanliness of your roof without stripping it of its initial shine and glory and without costing you a ton in roof replacements. Many soft washing roof cleaning service providers also claim that soft washing is an environmentally friendly method as they use a responsible amount of chemicals, which are particularly designed not to harm the environment and hence adds to the appeal of using soft washing.

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